How can I add new human lanuage for RHASSPY?

how can I add new human lanuage for RHASSPY? can anyone let me know the guide, thanks in advance.

I don’t know of any guide, but I can offer a bit of insight.

Each language in Rhasspy has its own profile, which is just a JSON file that overrides specific settings in defaults.json. When you run Rhasspy, the rhasspy-supervisor tool converts your profile into a series of shell commands.

So really, the difference between each “language” in Rhasspy is just that the JSON profile tells each type of service (speech to text, text to speech, etc.) to use a language-specific model, voice, etc. For online services, like Google Wavenet, you’ll find a language code setting. For offline services, like Kaldi/Pocketsphinx, what you typically find is:

  1. A service section that mentions a bunch of files inside your profile, and
  2. A download section that directs Rhasspy to download language-specific files to the profile at those locations if they’re missing

Hope that helps you at least frame your question. Do you have a specific service type (speech to text, etc.) that you’re interested in extending to a new language?