HermesLedControl cannot create configuration.yml file


I am trying to set up HermesLedControl with the ReSpeaker 4 mic array.

Copying and pasting from the repo:

I get “sed: can’t read /home/pi/.config/hermesLedControl/configuration.yml” printing to the console multiple times at the end.

The SH script is being run using the Sudo command so not sure why this isn’t working.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Just in case anyone else comes across this I solved it using the comment: from @Armadillo in this thread.

  1. Manually create a folder under pi/home/hermesLedControl/
  2. Manually create a file called configuration.yml in the above folder.
  3. Add arguments and values in this file.
  4. Create a profile.json file in the same folder as configuration.yml.
  5. Add { "mqtt": { "host": "", "port": 12183 } } into profile.json and save.
  6. Restart Rhasspy in docker but with an extra port argument -p 12183:12183
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