Hermes / Pocketsphinx suck in loop transcribing command audio forever

After waking up, sometimes instead of going back to listen for a wake word, it just keeps recording audio and transcribing it in the background, stuck in a loop.

I keep seeing this scrolling by repeatedly in the log every few seconds:

[DEBUG:2021-12-19 12:44:35,850] rhasspyasr_pocketsphinx_hermes: Transcribing 101804 byte(s) of audio data INFO: cmn.c(133): CMN: 64.26 14.30 -9.61 -6.60 -5.66 -9.66 -5.54 -1.75 -4.07 -4.87 5.42 -2.31 -4.55

This happens with a default pocketsphinx configuration, using a respeaker. It happens even when the max command length is set to 4s and I change the sensitivity of VAD.

I don’t know if this is a hermes orchestration issue, or something getting stuck with pocketsphinx?

In case it’s relevant, this has been tested by pushing the wake up button in the web UI, rather than speaking a wake word. This is on a Raspberry PI Zero 2W and I’m using Rhasspy Raven for the wake word service.

Here’s a log of it happening:

It looks like maybe it happens after hermes gives up on pocketsphinx (timeout error), then the recovery is botched?