Hermes dialog with customData

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Is there someone using customData in dialog ?

When i capture messages on snips, i can see that the continueSession, ended session and 2nd intent has customData defined.

But when i capture message on Rhasspy, there is no custom data for 2nd Intent.

Does it work for you ?

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Can you show us what is snips filling customData with? Maybe we can reverse-engineer it?


Thanks for your answer.

When you continue a session, with hermes protocol, you can add a string value in msg.payload.customData. This custom value is sent after with the intent message and with ended session too.
With intentFilter parameter, you can use intent yesno and in customdata, the origin intent or anything you want.
I think that customData is not sent with 2nd intent as snips does.

In hermes protocol, the customData is a string.

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i m also interrested in continuing a session could you give me a hint on how to implement that ? didn t see anything in the docs about the implementation itself ( i may be blind :stuck_out_tongue: )

here :slight_smile: :

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Oh I see. Sorry, I misunderstood your question (well, actually I am curious of how Snips uses the customData field anyway :slight_smile: )

I believe that concern is left to the message sender.

From Snips Dialogue API reference:

Additional information that can be provided by the handler. Each message related to the new session - sent by the Dialogue Manager - will contain this data

The customData field is forwarded for message sent by the Dialogue Manager, in this case only SessionStarted, SessionQueued, SessionEnded. In that case customData is filled in (at least judging from the source code). But customData has to be filled in the StartSession message, which is sent by the wake word component IIRC. What you can do however, is update customData when you send the continueSession message. That will be stored and forwarded by Rhasspy later.

What I mean is Rhasspy just reacts to dialogue manager messages and acts accordingly. But I’m just a contributor, Rhasspy core developers could help in better figuring this out.

In this link :

you’ll see that dialog manager has to give customData to intent.

In snips, it’s working but it seems not with Rhasspy.


I see now. Ok Rhasspy doesn’t do that currently. I believe it was implemented following the Hermes protocol as documented by Snips. I can’t find any reference for customData in NLU intent messages. customData is a feature exclusive to dialogue manager messages.

However… you say Snips does do that. So does it mean it’s undocumented maybe? Who knows…
Anyway, maybe you could open an issue on GitHub for this.