Help with Sentence recognition Optional / Non Optional

Hi there,

I have some Issue with the following sentence.ini:

\[(schalte | schalt)] [<article>] <object> [<preposition>] [<room_name>] [wieder] (<light_state>|<light_pct>) [<color_name>] [Prozent] [<preposition>] [<room_name>][für | in][<timer_state>]
\[(schalte | schalt)] [<article>] [<object>] [<preposition>] <room_name> [wieder] <light_state>|<light_pct> [<color_name>] [Prozent] [<preposition>] [<room_name>][für | in][<timer_state>]
<light_state> [<article>] [<object>] [<preposition>] <room_name>[für | in][<timer_state>]

Problem is, that if I just say the <room_name> : i.e. Living Room this already get recognized as an intent. However, all of the above example, have at least 2 non-optional values that are required for the intent.

Sentence 1:<object> & (<light_state>|<light_pct>)
Sentence 2:<room_name> & (<light_state>|<light_pct>)
Sentence 3:<light_state> & <room_name>

If I train only Sentence 1: This Error does not exist.
Any combination of sentence 2 & 3 alone or together make this issue though.

I cannot find my logical error. Any pointers?

which option/service did you choose for intent recognition ? (fsticuffs, fuzzywuzzy, …)
also does or any of the other see silence/ no word as a valid option?
Doing sentences with that many optional words that also accept sentences could also cause you issue with random noise being more likely to be recognized as a valid intent.

maybe not related, but you have 1 space missing in the 3rd sentece:

<room_name>[für | in]

This is with fsticuffs and fuzzy option enabled.

So far I am not aware of any other sentences with similar behaviour.
This also happens when just typing the room name. So it is not silence being detected as a word.

Since I cannot edit my own post anymore, I am replying:

I just found the issue. In one of my rules I actually had a X||Y instead of X|Y which in turn must have meant for rhasspy to recognize nothing as a valid input.
With the extra character removed it works very well.