Help setting up basic commands/settings

I’m testing out Rhasspy on a few pis to see if i can move off Alexa. I got things set up in Docker, but i’m running into two issues:

  1. When I make changes in settings it doesn’t seem to stick. I go back to the setting and it’s exactly as it was before. Am I missing something? I do have to refresh the page/reload after restarting because the page just sticks in an constant reloading state and never goes anywhere.

  2. for the training i’m trying to test turning on/off lights based on the example tutorial. But it doesn’t seem to understand basic words like “kitchen” and “office.” I try adding custom words (like K IH CH AH N) but still no joy. What am i missing?

EDIT: Ok i switched over to a Pi4 and things just…work. Maybe i’ll try wiping my other install and retrying.

EDIT 2: Looks like the 3b can’t hack it with Rhasspy? I just did a completely fresh install and same issues as described above.

I just began to follow the tutorial for the server/client config ( for the first time via docker and I’m encountering the same issue - I cannot save my settings.

Were you able to figure out what you did to fix the issue?

Nope. I got it working sporadically and kinda am giving up on the project. It works well on the pi4 but I’m hitting issues that I think are not going to make the project worth it.

I managed to get Rhasspy 2.4.19 working fairly reliably on a Pi3 by using the python virtual environment install method.