Has anyone experience running rhasspy in k8s?

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I want to deploy rhasspy in my newly setup Raspberry Pi kubernetes cluster (k3s) and I wonder if anyone has done that before and could share some experience?

I have a server/satellite setup with 3 satellites at the moment. I only want to move the server to the k3s cluster.


Nope haven’t but things should as much is a network layer the usual gotcha with ‘containers’ is that alsa audio drivers and audio permissions often only on the metal.

Yeah, think so too. However, the server doesn’t require alsa or did I miss something?

If your using satelites with it guess not ,as Hermes audio is over MQTT just never tried it.

ah a man after my own heart. I have a 7 node cluster here at home myself. I haven’t moved rhasspy in to it yet, but that is the plan to move my master node over to k8s since i don’t have any audio on it now anyway.

I also have my opentts decoupled too which will go into k8s

I have spent some time here recently and have successfully deployed a rhasspy instance into my kubernetes environment as my base. Using nginx ingress controller I can switch all the http to https. My mosquitto mqtt broker is in my cluster as well. I have the base configured with a persistent volume (i run longhorn) to store my “profiles” directory.

I have 2 raspberry pi’s running as satellites communicating to the base node. Base node uses homeassistant as an intenthandler (also in the cluster)

I am going to work on a write up and a video to put on my YT channel. I am starting the process of deploying all the satellite configurations via ansible and want to do some ci/cd with the base node so that stuff like slot updates get checked into a repo, re-training the model will be “tested” before done on the live node (going to need @synesthesiam help figuring out how to run a train model command separately and get the result code :slight_smile: )

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Amazing! Can’t wait to see your write up! I didn’t have the time to try anything myself yet…

Are you using an ingress or node port or?