Hackster Tutorials from MATRIX Labs

MATRIX Labs has created two Rhasspy tutorials for beginners using a MATRIX microphone:


Nice, always good to have good ressources and some buzz.

Maybe a section on official doc could gather some good other docs ?

PS : how does he got rhasspy interface dark theme ? :sweat_smile:

That is awesome, your work is getting out there to the mainstream. You are doing an awesome job.

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@synesthesiam, actually as I think about it, this could be an opportunity. Maybe you could get in touch with the guys at Matrix and maybe work out some kind of deal. This project could help sell their devices. Maybe get a discount for Rhasspy users, or maybe have a package put together and they would sell it to create a Rhasspy Assistant. The world is what you make it.

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Let’s get next big rhasspy out and fix it before making buzz everywhere :kissing:

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They actually contacted me this week to see if I’d be a guest on their YouTube show later this month. I agreed, so I’ll be a shining YouTube star before you know it :star:

Getting closer every day :+1:


That is awesome, be sure to let your fan base know when this is happening.

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