Google AIY Voice Kit v1 - how to decrease sound from RHASSPY


I use Google AIY Voice Kit v1 with RPI3b+ and I have installed RHASSPY, it work good but I have one problem the sound produce by rhasspy is always high level.

I try with amixer for decrease sound to 50% but nothing do that.

Have you one idea for diagnostic this problem, please ?

Do you mean Pitch or Volume?
Because Alsamixer only adjusts volume as far as i know.
If you mean Volume, You need to check if your sound is handled by alsa in your rhasspy settings and if so which output device is used.
Then you should be able to adjust it via alsamixer or via the CLI -> here

Thank you, how to check if my sound is handled by alsa in RHasspy setting ?

My conf

"sounds": {
    "system": "aplay"

aplay is short for ALSAplay :wink: so you are using ALSA

ok, so if adjust volume master with command : Alsamixer, that should work ?
but that do nothing, 2020-08-19_09-36


I reply me, for control sound, i did choice to install .deb package and remove docker install and it work much better.

wait… so the issue was docker???

Yes perhaps, now .deb work for me