Getting/Installing Additional Voices with Mimic3

I’ve installed Mimic3 by pretending it’s MaryTTS and using http://localhost:59125/process to call it successfully. I mention that, because the API call on some doc seems different.

Anyway I’d now like to install the other voices from here: GitHub - MycroftAI/mimic3-voices: Voice models for Mimic 3 text to speech system but not sure where to put what maybe something in the repo readme would be useful too?

TIA Hugh

I think its all goes in the profile dir hugh from the docker run command.
You can prob work it out from where current is.

docker run -d -p 12101:12101 \
      --name rhasspy \
      --restart unless-stopped \
      -v "$HOME/.config/rhasspy/profiles:/profiles" \
      -v "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro" \
      --device /dev/snd:/dev/snd \
      rhasspy/rhasspy \
      --user-profiles /profiles \
      --profile en

"$HOME/.config/rhasspy/profiles is bind mounted in the container so have a look there are prob will become clear as ends up as /profiles in the container

Thanks, so do I, but good to have a bit of support. I’ll back up my profile stuff and try. I managed to stop the whole thing working with a profile mistake about 3 weeks ago, so I’ve become a little cautious!

Look in profile and there’s nothing non-rhasspy there.

I’ve downloaded the extra voices, run make and put the voices directory into ~/.local/shared/mycroft/mimic3/. Actually, mimic3 (as server, anyway) is in a separate container. Then restarted the mimic3 container and Rhasspy.

I now get all the voice options in the drop down but TtsException: file does not start with RIFF id I’m still actually not quite sure how to prepare and where to put the extra voices?

To answer myself: Mimic 3 - Mycroft AI looks as though it has some help, at least for non-docker Mimic3.