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When you search for Rhasspy, this site is the main one that comes up. Fair enough. The problem is that there’s no where here that’s obvious right from the start with instructions on how to get started (ie install and initial configuration).

Now I’m not suggesting moving all of the docs content to the forum, but it would be very useful for me users if there was a top level category here for “Getting Started” that had a post with a link to the docs on how to install and another post with a link to initial configuration etc.

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Yes, that’s a good idea to make the documentation more discoverable. What do you think, @synesthesiam?

However, in the long run I think we should create a main web site on rhasspy.org with links to the forum, documentation, GitHub organization, and so on.

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Well, yeah. That would be even better! I just wanted to suggest something that was quick and easy to do. Ideally though there would be a home page which distilled into a sentance what Rhasspy’s benefit is, had a one minute video demonstrating the main features and then links to the documentation and community.

For the moment though, just links to the docs somewhere would be a good start.

That’s a good idea. Let me see if there’s some way to create a top-level link…

Yes, absolutely. Actually, I could really use help with the design of such a site. My instinct is to go with something simple like Skeleton for the template. But what should be the main message on the site?

I was thinking something like “Rhasspy combines many open source projects to fulfill the functions of a modern, offline voice assistant.” As you might guess, I’m better a writing technical documentation than marking material :confused:

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I added a few links to the top bar (you may have to CTRL+R reload to see them).