Files in docker container

In ssh, after starting the rhasspy container, we can do:

docker exec -it name-of-container bash

So we have a console inside the container. First thing I did was ls -lsa, then look inside some folder, but …

Where are the rhasspy files ?
Can we edit python files (sudo nano …) to debug some stuff and restart rhasspy to run with these modifications ? Should we restart the container, or rhasspy itself inside the container ?

And, can we install samba inside the container, so we can share the rhasspy application folder and directory access it from a windows PC to work on python files ? Then will it stay installed if I pull latest and restart the container ?

Just experimenting stuff … :rofl:


cd /lib/rhasspy/rhasspy

but can’t manage to install nano :woozy_face: No wget etc, seems nothing works. which can be logic as we need minimal install with just what rhasspy need.

From what I could see in the docker file rhasspy images are built on either ubuntu or debian, depending on the architecture, so you should be able to install stuff with apt-get. But it will be gone the next time you pull a new image.

You can mount a directory on your host to the container /profile directory ie /home/pi/rhasspy => /profile
then you can use your host command line and use whatever editor you like to edit everything inside the container !

Yes on the pi I have samba and edit my profile directly inside sublimetext on my PC

I though about rhasspy container files

Temporarily mount the root or the directory containing the files you wish to edit of the container ?
… but this is not common practices as docker container should be immutables …