Ffmpeg-python wrapper for coded dynamic filters

The speex-dsp aec for me is still the best way to remove rhasspy played near echo from capture and ffmpeg doesn’t have an equivalent filter.

What it does do though is have a whole rake of other filters and I have passed it by so many times as ffmeg thats video right.
Its audio filters are great and its command line is easier than sox, but even then command lines can hard work and restrictive.

From the simple delays and channel processing it is possible to create simple endfire & broadside arrays.
Also more intelligent AGC as currently have a problem with noise gates/companders not being dynamic and really problematic when being fed via AGC.

I guess with a tad of work with the above dynamic coded noise-gates/companders could follow coded agc.
As the above documentation says.

There are tons of Python FFmpeg wrappers out there but they seem to lack complex filter support. ffmpeg-python works well for simple as well as complex signal graphs.

FFmeg is actually really useful and ffmpeg-python seems a really good python wrapper.