External Speaker

Guess we could share what speaker we use we our setups.

Of course, there is the cheap Mono Enclosed Speaker - 3W 4 Ohm. Nice and cheap for testing, but sound is really poor.

Personnally, I tried different bluetooth and usb speaker and finnally I use the same on all snips master/satellites and rhasspy test config. I have them plugged in respeaker 2 mic hat jack.

Creative Metallix.

Once plug, it never goes to stand-bye, so you can always send TTS on it even after hours of inactivity.

If you go for a bluetooth/usb speaker, you must check that you can turn off auto-off / stand-bye feature. This feature is compulsory in Europe but not all have a way to disable it.

I also have my snips master set with equal ALSA plugin : https://github.com/KiboOst/SNIPS-Tips/tree/master/snips_equal
Didn’t tried it yet with rhasspy, as even picoTTS sound correct with the metallix.


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Good Idea,

I went the cheap way just for testing, and tried my luck with this one: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07FQHRVWZ/
It’s connected to the audio jack of the Pi 3 and it works fine and sounds pretty well (for its price). Also it doesnt go to standby.

The only thing is this very gentle hiss / random noise while there is no audio output (don’t know the correct terms for how to describe it, or what causes this)
(Maybe someone knows how to get rid of this? :smiley:)

I have nothing interesting - just cheap aux speakers hidden in a shelf with Rpi


And the only sound they generate is feedback from rhasspy
For multimedia I’m using HDMI connected TV and its audio :nerd_face:

I’m using a Jabra Speak 410 mic/speaker combo. The audio output is very good :slight_smile: The microphone works very well with Kaldi, but not so well with pocketsphinx.

I’m quite sure, this is because of the horrible analog audio out of all Raspberrys.

I’m using respeaker v2.0 usb microphone for raspberry.
I’m searching too for an active speaker to match with microphone…