EndSession text not spoken

Hi All,

I’ve been tweaking my Rhasspy setup lately, making sure the satellites are using the base for everything and that the base is only doing what it should. In doing that I think I found a flaw in either my setup or my skill development. hoping someone can help point out what is going on.

I have a skill, it does it’s stuff just fine, generates a sentence just fine, but if I have this

    return EndSession(sentence)

the satellite never speaks the response, but if I have this

    app.notify(sentence, intent.site_id)
    return EndSession()

the satellite speaks it just fine. Before I “cleaned” my config up it would respond using the first code block. Before I go and mess something up by pecking away at my config again I thought I’d ask some advice.

Is this an issue with my code? Or is this an issue with my base/satellite setup?