En kaldi -> Not compatible with this profile

-I’m working with the Docker version (2.4.18) of Rhasspy.

-I’m having a verry hard time to get work the STT kaldi.

-So, as i did manny time before, i install Rhasspy, i activate Kaldi, and after the Rhasspy reboot, nothing is working !.

-The kaldi option in the setting section become grey and the error appear in yello: “Not compatible with this profile”

-I’ve tried the installation on fiew devides:
– 2 raspberry pi 3 with Debian 10 bluster armhf (32bit)
– Raspberry pi 4 Debian 10 bluster armhf (32bit)
– Raspberry pi 4 Debian 10 bluster arm64 (64bit)
– Raspberry pi 3 Debian 9 Stretch (32bit)
– Lubuntu 64bit (Atom)

Everry single time i got the same exact error.

Help me please, i’m verry sad to lose Rhasspy STT !!!

Thanks a lot !

How does your startup command appear?
Does it specify the English profile?
Have you downloaded the files for it?

Yes i did like the popup ask, i can see all the kaldi files in the path


base_dictionary.txt base_language_model.txt g2p.fst model

This is m’y startup command:

sudo docker run -d -p 12101:12101
–restart unless-stopped
-v “$HOME/.config/rhasspy/profiles:/profiles”
–device /dev/snd:/dev/snd
–user-profiles /profiles
–profile en

I’ve manage to solve m’y problem.

I’m not sure how, (i’ve done so manny desesperate moddifications)

  • It seam to be the clean instal that is unstable with Kaldi. *

I think re-downloading “en profile” is one of the way to repair the broken config.

I managed to make work Kaldi on Pi3 32bit, Pi4 32bit and Lubuntu x84_64