Easy way to change the default wake sound?

i have a pretty low knowledge level of linux and programming in general, so apologies in advance.

installed rhasspy 2.5.11 through homeassistant, everything via docker containers. all running on an rpi 3


  1. how do i find the {RHASSPY_BASE_DIR} location?
  2. i was able to get my new wav files onto a usb drive, and this is mounted and accessible from cli in the rpi. how do i copy these over?

Hi shazznasty, take a look at this post:

i feel like this is a problem with me not being familiar with linux and containers in general. no idea how to access the container’s shell, or even how to navigate to where the files are located.

You shouldn’t have to access the container. If you can access the file system on the machine that is running Rhasspy, go to your profile directory, as per the docs:

This will start Rhasspy with the English profile (en) in the background (-d) on port 12101 (-p) and give Rhasspy access to your microphone (--device). Any changes you make to your profile will be saved to /home/<YOUR_USER>/.config/rhasspy.

Change to the language profile directory (if you’re using english: /home/<YOUR_USER>/.config/rhasspy/en) and create a new directory for your sound file/s (maybe name it wav to keep things simple)
Upload your new wav files to:


Then in the “Sounds” section of Settings in Rhasspy, change your “Wake” Wav section to:

i installed rhasspy via the homeassistant add-on store, not directly via docker. i’m able to access the cli on the machine running rhasspy, but /home/ is empty. i ran a search (find) for “*/.config/rhasspy/en” and turned up nothing.

i can’t find the profile directory. the homeassistant yaml file says it’s in “/share/rhasspy/profiles”, but searching for “*/share/rhasspy/profiles” also turns up nothing.

thinking i should remove rhasspy and reinstall directly from docker.

Forgive me if I’m asking you too simple of a question, but you mentioned your just starting with Linux. A period before a directory in Linux means that the directory is hidden. Here’s an explanation from stackoverflow:

Directories starting with a dot . are considered to be hidden. That means:
    ~/somedirectory and ~/.somedirectory are different directories. That is if ~/somedirectory existed and you did mkdir ~/.somedirectory, you won't fail with a File Exists message.
    The ls command will not show those directories starting with the .
    The ls -a will show both directories
    The ls -A displays files and directories that start with ., but doesn't include the . and .. entries.

Did you run your find like this:

cd /
sudo find / -iname ".config"

It also could be that how RhassPy runs as an add-on is different (I’ve never used it, so can’t help there).

Connecting to docker sudo docker exec –it <container-name> /bin/bash as then you are working with the full docker image and it works just as you where on a host for apt and everything else.

running that find produces a few folders that appear to be in containers, i guess? “/mnt/data/docker/overlay2/6e5b307…(maybe 30 more characters)/diff/root/.config”

i’m thinking this is just a weird thing of running it as an add-on. i’m going to try to install directly via docker and see what happens.

anyone coming back to this thread. if rhasspy is installed in docker - i moved the audio files to home directory via samba, then moved them into the docker container by using docker cp src/. container_id:/, then connecting to docker via docker exec -it containername /bin/bash, searching for “*beep-hi.wav”, then moving the wav files into that folder