Easiest Way to set up a pi0w as a satelite

What is the easiest way to set up a pi0w as a satelite for rhasspy?
@friendofgermany @HorizonKane
Which installation method did you use on the pi Zero W. I already have one laying around which i used as a mqtt broker before i got a pi4. Already using a respeaker 2mic hat with my pi4 with greaat results. Connecting a passive Speaker to the respeaker 2mic hat makes a decent combination for TTS responses.

I followed the tutorial here:
using the docker image.
I also setup portainer to have a webinterface for docker and used the stacks to setup everything.
On my master I setup the german profile and on the satellite the english profile.

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i tried using the docker image as described there but my container was constantly restarting. But i will give it another try. Time to get another 2mic hat if i get it working.

@moqart, have you checked the logfile? I had the same but to be honest I totally forgot how I fixed it… :thinking:
Maybe try another SD card.

i just deleted the docker images and i am trying it again. Takes a while as the pi0w is only connected via WLAN. Actually it seems like the Exraction part is the slower one.

I think i got it working. Atleast the docker container started correctly this time.
Which wakeword system are you using for your satelite ?

I use snowboy at the moment.
In the other thread you can find my config

I got my satelite working atleast as far as i can test without an attached microphone. I would prefere using precise but i am not sure if it runs on pi0w.

I am using Snowboy and Im really happy with it.

For installing I used the tutorial in the docs, however with my settings of course.