Dutch article about Rhasspy

I wrote an article in Dutch about Rhasspy, it’s now published on the website of the computer magazine Computer!Totaal:

If you have questions about it, feel free to reply on the article or here.


Wel leuk hoe je dit met Node Red hebt gedaan, misschien een keer een uitbreiding doen voor de HermesApp :slight_smile:

Ja ik had eerder al ook over Node-RED geschreven in Computer!Totaal, dus dat was wel de logische keuze voor intents. En rhasspy-hermes-app bestond toen alleen nog maar in mijn hoofd toen ik het artikel schreef :slight_smile:

Sorry for the off topic but I am curious in which magazine it was in, since they have more than one. Depending on where it was in I might have to hunt it down somewhere to read that article or go over our old magazines because if we have it, then I clearly missed that article.

It’s in the july/Augustus 2020 issue on p.58…63. Because it is done with Docker containers you also have to read the article “Docker op je raspberry pi” in the same issue on p.34…39 and the article in the “mei 2020” issue of the same magazine concerning NODE-RED. The articles are really in an exceptionally clear language. The only problem I had was with the Respeaker 2 software: I Had to switch back to an older kernel like this:
rm -R seeed-voicecard/
git clone https://github.com/HinTak/seeed-voicecard.git
sudo ./install.sh
sudo apt-mark hold raspberrypi-kernel{,-headers}
For audio playing I had to choose:

This was the content of my docker.yml file (for both rhasspy and node-red):

kind regards,
p.s. I used a mosca-node as a broker in my node-red flow

Okay, that tells me that heise has a Dutch magazine also, I thought you were referring one of the German ones. While I can sometimes read Dutch if I stare at it long and hard enough that only is enough to get the gist of a sentence, not enough to understand everything.

If you want a newer kernel check out the v5.5 branch on the same repro, that one is working fine for the 2mic one, actually it is working fine with everyone but the square 4mic one, just to annoy me. Well maybe the last two changes that were made there will fix my mic.

Wait, @hugocoolens is talking about the Dutch articles in Computer!Totaal, not the German ones in heise/c’t.

There is a Dutch c’t too, and they translate articles from the German one, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they will soon publish an article about Rhasspy too.