Documentation Preview for 2.5

I know many Rhasspians are patiently waiting for version 2.5. It’s not ready just yet :frowning: , but I wanted to give everyone a peek at the new docs and web UI screenshots. These links will change when 2.5 is released!

If anything, take a look at all of the MQTT services and the sheer size of the MQTT API that will be supported. I hope this will help people appreciate why this is taking so long :wink: Big thanks to @maxbachmann and @koan for creating Github build scripts and tests :clap:

In the next few weeks, I’d like to release a preview 2.5 Docker image for the community to start testing. I expect there to be a lot of bugs initially, since this is essentially a complete rewrite of Rhasspy! But my hope is that having the code split across many services will make it easier for people to contribute. Ideally, there will be volunteers to “adopt” some of the services and help me keep focused on new features.

I appreciate everyone’s patience, and I’m excited to be able to build something that people value :sunglasses:


Having the doc even before the software itself, amazing work dudes !

Many thanks for such devotion :beers:


I’m one of those “patient waiters”. :wink: I probably won’t jump right into 2.5, but instead wait for 2.5.3 or 2.5.4, knowing there’s bound to be some wrinkles along the way. That’s not to say I’m a pessimist. It’s a realistic opinion based on years of software employment. Now, I’ve been EXTREMELY pleased with Rhasspy 2.4.x so far, and I expect I will be UNBELIEVABLY happy with the new 2.5 releases.

@synesthesiam, @koan, @maxbachmann, and all the others who generously contribute: take your time, double- and triple-check your efforts. Don’t simply look for errors, look for opportunities to improve the functionality, reliability, and readability of the project. Getting preliminary documentation out like this is an EXCELLENT way to begin moving forward. Cheers to all of you, and as I’ve previously proposed to @synesthesiam, allow me to offer you all a donation of beer, coffee, pizza, or whatever material thing fuels your development passions. :wink: You’re all the greatest, and Rhasspy is truly something wonderful.


For me, a lot of this comes down to the documentation and what users see out of the box. I’m trying to simplify the web UI a bit in 2.5, as well as sprinkle in relevant doc links everywhere. If I can get mkdocs to do what I want, I plan to just embed the entire Rhasspy docs into the web UI :slight_smile:

I also know that @fastjack has some great ideas about extending Rhasspy’s functionality, specifically with Snips-like entities in Kaldi. I was hoping to have implemented some of that by now, but there’s been so much to do just in the infrastructure.

Beer mostly, I love a good dark Belgian ale :beer: I really do appreciate the thought; I’ve not taken donations yet just to avoid any kind of work-related conflict. I would be very interested to hear if anyone’s got a way to have money go directly into a hosting account like Digital Ocean (which runs this site). I don’t mind paying for the droplet, but I think it’d be awesome to have the community site self-sustaining.

You’re welcome! I’m very happy to be doing something like this :smiley:


I was fortunate enough to work for a Belgian company for three years and make two visits to the home office. The variety and abundance of local beers there was astounding. Does Digital Ocean accept pints of ale? :rofl:

Thanks for the very comprehensive preview of 2.5. I can see that a huge amount of work has gone and is going into it. Thanks for all your effort.
I’m looking forward to giving it a try when it’s ready! :smile:

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@synesthesiam this looks absolutely amazing. Thanks a lot for this awesome work. Any way to help to wrap up things? Do you need any testers or something else?

Thumbs up.

Just one remark so far: I am missing the index at the “new docs”. Will that be included in the future?
For me the current table of content is very helpful

Yes! That’s part of the readthedocs template, but GitHub pages does not seem to pay attention to it. I too need the sidebar to properly navigate the docs :slight_smile:

Definitely :+1: When the preview release goes out, I’d appreciate folks trying it out and submitting Github issues. There will also be a few services missing initially, so I may see if anyone wants to write them.

I have a pi4 and a pi0 waiting for testing.
Still not in production so I can break it. Will also test and enhance jeedom plugin with it.
Hope turning all that in production soon once both rhasspy 2.5 and jeedom plugin are fully features and robust :hugs:

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Good news!)
Will be glad to test hassio addon :nerd_face:

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Just having a look at 2.5 commits, the documentation, web interface … wow ! Dudes, you are making impressive work :astonished: Very professional, can’t wait to put my hand on this (yes, seems we can install it now, but I promise to be patient :smile: )

That’s all, just wanted to :beers: Rhasspy dev team.


@synesthesiam Does anyone of dev team tried HermesLedControl with v2.5 to validate all needed mqtt topics ? :speak_no_evil:

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Thanks! I’m very happy with how it’s all coming together. A bit later than I was planning, but that’s life I guess :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone’s tested it yet, but looking at this file all of the topics at the top are supported :slight_smile: (I assume the hermes/led and hermes/volume topics are specific to this project?)

Yes I think all hermes/leds/ and volume are custom to HLC

Can’t wait to test 2.5 !
If leds works and we can easily get docker base and satellite(pi0) running, I will switch it to prod soon :hugs:

Once both 2.5 and jeedom plugin are ready for production, I may add a few words on jeedom plugin in the doc, if you agree.

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Yesterday I did some testing with your voltron (2.5) source. Really hard build at the moment, but exactly what I was thinking about when searching for a snips successor.
I was able to build the hermes-wake-snowboy part with hermes-microphone-pyaudio and attach it to hermes-led-control. Alltogether it is already working with my testing rhasspy 2.4.18 central server.
Audio is being played by Sonos as I do with my running snips. (Yes, I know… Sonos :exploding_head: But those old speakers sound really good, and the new Ikea ones are cheap)
Quite a hack and more like Frankenstein‘s Monster :grin: More containers and venvs a single man can stand :joy:

Is there planning for satellite wake-word detection with publishing the audio to MQTT „after“ detection? Atm I was only able to stream all the time via MQTT, just like it was with snips before their latest release.

Keep up the great work! I am really hyped for 2.5!

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@KiboOst testing done! Works fine.

That is actually something we just talked about yesterday and @synesthesiam added a first commit to address this a couple of hours ago :wink:
So it will be both possible to permanently stream and to stream only after the wakeword was detected

Great! So I will test the new bulid in the evening :grin: