Create basic sentences from Home Assistant entities

Almond/Ada do this already. Basically it would be great if the HASSio add-on, could automatically generate some common sentences for entities (like lights) that are already set up in Home Assistant. eg:

  • turn on/off all light entities (by entity or area name “Turn on kitchen lights”)
  • read out weather from weather entities (“The weather today is…”)
  • get temperature from temperature sensors
  • activate scenes
  • raise/lower the volume of media players

Writing yaml for these may not be complicated. It adds an unnecessary extra level of complexity and repetition though for every single Rhasspy user to have to create intents for every single entity by hand. I don’t want to hand write YAML for 30 different lights. A script could easily automate this.

Even if we just started with the ability to turn on/off light entities by area, that would be a huge improvement.

You do not have to, because there is a script to load entities from Home Assistant

Be sure to add the url and a token in the Intent Handling, even if you are using the Add-On

I like the idea to genereate sentences, but I also like the manual control I have over it.
Loading the needed entities with that script might be a good compromise for you