Community tags to help searching / sorting


On another community I’m part of, we have tag on messages to better sort/search messages. Could we have some tags, even not being allowed to create new one but allowing user to tag their post with them ?

Thinking about:


And why not some tags like the one on the github issue so the user can know a bit more what’s goind on ?
in progress



I didn’t know this feature exists, looks useful!

@synesthesiam can you enable tags and add some of the ones @KiboOst suggested? See here (I don’t have access to the Settings part of the admin interface):


OK, I’ve enabled tags. There are a ton of settings, so I hope I got it right!

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Seems you didn’t created tags ?
I think you have to allow tags per categorie.

You should disallow users to create tags (it will endup with lot of mixing tags for same things), create good ones, then allow users to assign tags to their messages.

I just created a couple of tags (asr, nlu, intent-handling, tts, stt, audio, …) and added them to some forum posts.

I’m not going to mass-create tags now that we may need in the future. Just give me a shout when you need a specific tag and tell me for which specific post.

For now, I don’t see the point of tags about bugs, enhancements, and so on. We already have categories Help, Feature Requests and so on, and keeping tags updated such as adding a fixed tag when something is fixed could become a lot of work, we will forget it and then things aren’t consistent. GitHub has a better interface and is a better place for that purpose.

Let’s see how this pans out.