Cloud TPU Alpha Access

If have just been running

On my poor old I7-3770K @4.3Ghz which is actually still running but already hit a validation accuracy of 89%.
Forgot what time I started this thing but prob more than 12 hours ago 16300 steps of the 18000 now done.

Its after running this cloud TPU Access starts to get tempting as we could be talking minutes rather than hours.
The audio_recognition demo is pretty cool and not optimised in fact for a KWS the more labels you have the harder it is to attain accuracy and would of been interesting if the 2 main labels where ‘key word’ and ‘not key word’.
Which I will try when patience allows and with more patience see how much difference adding my voice and keyword adds to overall accuracy.

That got me thinking that it is in the realms of possibility to maybe run in a minimum donation model a online custom model trainer for a Rhasspy KWS.
You can hire TPUs hourly and its not as expensive as you might think.

PU type (v2) v2 cores Total memory On-demand price (USD) Preemptible price (USD)
v2-8 8 64 GiB $4.50 / hour $1.35 / hour
TPU type (v3) v3 cores Total memory On-demand price (USD) Preemptible price (USD)
v3-8 8 128 GiB $8.00 / hour $2.40 / hour

Dunno how long what I have done would take, but likely minutes rather than hours, but as said dunno.

PS I worked out the sign in to the nvidia cuDNN Download is free and open and now running on my old GTX780 which is ticking away much, much faster than than the I7 cpu.
I may try and pick another one up as they do turn up for approx £60.