Cancel a request

I’m currently using porcupine/computer for wake work detection. However if someone says “computer” just as part of a conversation, RHASSPY thinks we’re talking to it. Once that happens, is there a command to tell it to disregard and go back to standby?

I know that on the Google speakers, I can just say “. Hey Google Cancel” and it’ll cancel the request.

Not built in, as far as I know.

But shouldn’t be hard to add a sentence, and an intent that does nothing :wink:

At least “porcupine” doesn’t come up often in english speech … well not as often as my satellites seem to think it does.

I didn’t think porcupine was a word that could be to wake it up. I thought that was just the protocol name.

After reading your reply, I did try it and it didn’t wake up.

BTW - your method works well. I added an intent called NeverMind and the sentence is “Never Mind”. It has no actions associated with it. Nice suggestion.


@donburch I’ve been using “Hey Mycroft” as my wake word more than 6 months and I don’t think it’s ever falsely triggered, even with noisy kitchen, TV, music. Porcupine was sometimes triggering even when the house was silent.

Thanks. I’ll investigate as a possibility.

[quote=“daleh, post:5, topic:4507, full:true”]Porcupine was sometimes triggering even when the house was silent.
I’ve been a Google Home user years (looking to get away from them hence Rhasspy). Lately, I can be sitting in my living room the only person in the house and hear the Google speaker in the bedroom or bathroom come on and say something – usually “sorry, I didn’t understand” or something to that effect.