Can rhasspy "play 'title'" from music on the sd card like .mp3 (in german)

Is there a possibility to let the raspi play music (.mp3) from the sd card? Can the raspi handle “Hey Snowboy, play thriller from michael jackson” or “…play michael jackson playlist” “…skip title” …?

Is this also possible for german language?

Which software handles your intents?

Thechnically, you could pass this data within an intent data. Below is suggestion that could be usefull for you.

What I would do is to build some sort of the correspondance:

  1. Have your songs packed into a playlist with known to rhasspy name.

  2. You have TTS which is not related to a speach precessing. You can build an enumerated list in a form of a string and ask your TTS to read it to you. For example: “In your playlist has following songs: 1.Song1, 2. Song2 … n.SongN. What would you like to listen to?”

  3. You ask rhasspy to play song 3 from the playlist.

This way you would not need to put an exact song name into rhasspy slot.