Can Rhasspy do Google Searches & Stuff?


I just found out about Rhasspy and I’m excited to use it. I loved the concept behind Jasper but could never get it to work on my Rpi 2 let alone my Rpi4, and I heard they stopped supporting it :frowning:.

As I mentioned before, I’m new to Rhasspy and I’m wondering if Rhasspy can preform google searches (If I say “Who is ___”(Let’s say, I say, Albert Einstein) then Rhasspy would give me info on Albert Einstein), tell me the weather, set timers, tell me the news, add stuff to a calendar, set reminders, etc…

I know Mycroft could do these things but I heard about a vulnerability on port 8181 which raises some concerns for me (which is why I’m looking to use Rhasspy. Plus I like Rhasspy’s voice :slight_smile: and snazzy web interface) .

So what my question comes down to, is can Rhasspy do google searches and how would I program it to do that?

Thanks in advance.