Calling Google Voice from rhasspy

I would like to have rhasspy as my privacy focused, main voice assistant. Now for some questions, it makes sense to send them to Google’s voice assistant and either get back the answer as text or wav so that rhasspy can redirect the output - or if this is not possible, have Google output the message directly on the speaker with the correct satellite id.

Is this possible? Alternatively, it would be ok to use Alexa instead. I am simply aiming for Google since it is better for the generic type of knowledge questions and all others should be handled by rhasspy anyways.

I am pretty sure I have seen some people on this forum discuss this, but I simply cannot find these conversations anymore. Apologies if this was answered before.

Of course, now that I have written up my question, I came across this very conversation I was looking for: Ask Google/Amazon/Wolfram Alpha - controlled freeform text -> controlled spying

I will continue the discussion in that thread so that we do not have any duplicate conversations.