Call hook/command call when Rhasspy wakes up and is finished

Rhasspy is fantastic, I got it to work well on a raspberry pi 2!

I’m in search for a way to run a bash/python script or to call some API endpoint in case Rhasspy wakes-up and after record is finished. I can choose sounds in the WebUI that are properly played.

I want to flash some LED to signal to the user when wake-word has been detected and when Rhasspy is listening. How can I do this? Thanks :slight_smile:


Great you got it.

If you are familiar with python then would say have a look at which talks about how to use rhasspy using web-socket.

Hope this will help you to get started.

Have a look at Hermes Led Control, which is precisely made for this purpose. It’s primarily meant for the built-in LEDs of ReSpeaker, Matrix and Google devices, but you can use it with LEDs on any GPIO pins.

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Thanks both of you! exactly what I need :slight_smile:

I’ll use websockets for now, but will look at Hermes Led Control when things get more complex.

Have a nice day

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