Bye bye SNIPS ! RIP!

Just wanted to say RIP SNIPS :roll_eyes:


Of course our snips install will continue to work, but as console is now closed, we can’t modify anything …

Can’t understand why Sonos goes this route. They just killed all the work of thousands developpers who made snips what it is was! But for sure, will never buy any product from such a company.

And thanks to everyone working on Rhasspy, providing an even better solution :sparkles: :tada:

My Rhasspy isn’t in production yet, waiting for full hermse/service version, but it could. All is fonctionnal actually. Of course, some stuff will need work (builtin slots, multi slots intents etc) but dude, what a fresh air !



Et oui, et le jour du brexit :boom:
Décidement tout le monde se barre…

So, its also



Cela fait un moment que l’on est au courant et pourtant je suis toujours en colère !

We’ve known about it for a while and I’m still angry !

:shushing_face: :thinking: :thinking:

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A cheeky thing from Sonos and in the long run certainly a shot in their own knee but nevertheless I am very grateful to Sonos. They droved many of us to the Rhasspy project, which will certainly need some expansion here and there, but in the long run we will get the best solution. Genuine open source, great concept, an incredibly creative and diligent maintainer and already many capable and dedicated helpers make sure that we will soon forget about Snips and just enjoy working with Rhasspy!


I 100% agree with this. I have been tinkering with Rhasspy myself and it seems to be in the same vein as snips and modular. Best alternative I found. Maybe needs some attention to bring it to maturity, but with the killing of snips, I feel that attention and community will come.

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ha ha ha!!! Publié le 26/08/18

WOW ! They even shutdown snips community !

Sonos is definitely on my blacklist for life !