Best option to make the system work in German

I have been using the system in English with Kaldi as it has given me better results than with pocketsphinx, I would like to test it to see if the system is able to work optimally in German. What is the best option for this? What steps must be taken to be able to use it?

Are you using the docker setup? If so just start the container with the german language profile flag and have a look how much rhasspy understands.

Atm I’m using Pocketsphinx and it’s working pretty well.

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Got it, thanks. Should I just stop the current docker and run it again by simply changing the “in” in the profile line?

One question about it, if I change the profile and then use the English profile again in the same way do you know if the settings, sentences and so on are saved somehow or would I have to reconfigure everything if I want to go back to English at some point?

I guess the safest way will be to backup your profile before changing anything. Which rhasspy version are you using?
For 2.5 just use the Backup profile button on settings page. For older verison just backup your profile folder on your file system.

Well, yes, just stop your current docker and start it with “de” for the german profile.

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Thanks, I have already started it in German with pocketsphinx and it works, the problem I have is that I have to wake it up manually, the wake word doesn’t detect me. What configuration do you recommend that works best?

Atm I’m using snowboy with the default snowboy.umdl and sensitivity set to 0.7.
Watch out the wakeword is configured to just say snowboy and not hey snowboy (as far as I know by trying out). My results are pretty good so far.

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Yeah, thanks, works really good with snsitivity 0.7

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