BERT for dummies

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Awesome article. I’ve just finished building a neural network to teach BERT to solve questions from the SWAG dataset.

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Your doing better than me @Bozor as it confuses the hell out of me, BERT for dummies is going to take some reading :slight_smile:

Well. Have a look. It’s been a lab at uni so I haven’t done all myself. We are using a pretrained model of huggingface.

It’s all in german but I guess with some help of deepL you’ll get the idea :wink:

Yeah until that article I thought hugging face was them horrible things off alien.

Its a bit similar to how I feel about the CNN tensor flow network I was playing with that after a bit of playing I sort of got accustomed to the code but also slightly perturbed that I wouldn’t have a clue how to start from scratch.