Base and Satellite with audio output only on Base

Hello ! I’m trying to have all audio output on the base. I have audio speakers intagrated into my wall. And they are connected to my rhasspy base.

My satellite doesn’t have any speakers.

So, I set “audio playing” satellite’s setting to “Hermes MQTT”
For the base I set “audio playing” to “aplay”.

on the base web UI I can speak some text with the “Text to speak” field. It speak on my speakers.
on the satellite web UI, no sound get out of my speakers.

on rhasspy-watch I get this message :

[2020-10-13 21:05:47] [Tts] was asked to say 'test' in None on site salon
[2020-10-13 21:05:49] [Tts] finished speaking with id ''

or at log :

[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:07:04,601] rhasspyserver_hermes: Handling TtsSayFinished (topic=hermes/tts/sayFinished, id=ae1dcb80-8907-45c9-a797-5ca6cc0684ed)
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:07:03,272] rhasspyserver_hermes: Handling AudioPlayBytes (topic=hermes/audioServer/salon/playBytes/891e4084-c513-4ac0-a9ea-0ccb1c0459d4, id=ae1dcb80-8907-45c9-a797-5ca6cc0684ed)
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:07:03,220] rhasspyserver_hermes: Publishing 112 bytes(s) to hermes/tts/say
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:07:03,219] rhasspyserver_hermes: -> TtsSay(text='test', site_id='salon', lang=None, id='891e4084-c513-4ac0-a9ea-0ccb1c0459d4', session_id='')
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:06:59,190] intent.system flair hermes = False
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:06:59,190] speech_to_text.kaldi.open_transcription True False = False
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:06:59,189] speech_to_text.kaldi.mix_weight >0 0 = False
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:06:59,189] speech_to_text.pocketsphinx.mix_weight >0 0 = False
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:06:59,188] speech_to_text.pocketsphinx.open_transcription True False = False
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:06:59,188] speech_to_text.system kaldi hermes = False
[DEBUG:2020-10-13 20:06:59,177] speech_to_text.system pocketsphinx hermes = False 

I should miss a settings.

the Satellite is a RPi 3
and the base is a RPi 4. Is it possible to configure the base as satellite and activate only audio playing ? and the RPi3 as base ?

Thank you in advance !