Automate sentences.ini


I want to know is there any way to automate sentences.ini?
As of now we write sentences manually in sentences.ini file Right?

What would we do If we want to create dictionary using rhasspy, It won’t be feasible to write each word corresponding to its meaning or even write each word like, abandon, clamorous etc because there would be millions of such words starting from A to Z in any language.
So is there any way to integrate sentences.ini with other datasets like having in csv, json format. Is it possible to read and write sentences.ini file?

I just want to know is it possible or not because I’m planning to create dictionary for multiple languages.

Thanks in advance.

Just write a small script that reads json or csv and outputs in the correct syntax for the sentence.ini. Once you are sure your script works you can have it replace sentence.ini after each run and I think there was some way to start a training per either web api or mqtt so you can have the script start a training afterwards.

Basically you can modify any file that you can find with scripts, you just need to know what the file needs to look like when you are finished and some basic scripting/programming in order to do so.

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Thanks for your input @Daenara. This is what currently I’m doing, looking for more optimal solution.

Thanks again.