Asking About Using Rhasspy For My Project

Hi guys , i’m new to Rhasspy . I would like to ask if Rhasspy is capable of using it for my project
I currently have a misty robot which capable of doing STT and TTS using 3rd party services e.g Google Cloud . i wish to use a uart interface(from misty to RPI) to send the converted STT the input text to Rhasspy to get the intent of the message and send back the intent name recognised back to Misty through UART . May i know his Rhasspy is suitable for my project ?

And is Rhasspy is suitable plateform for me to make chatbot like Rasa ? E.g From Intent to giving me right response based on a stories(or flow)

From what i know from reading the doc that Rhasspy will need it own microphone and speaker connected to RPI for it to works.

Thanks for reading

Hi @BelieveIT, welcome.

Yes, this should definitely be possible. Just listen for the hermes/asr/textCaptured message over MQTT and send the text field from the JSON out over your UART. Something like this will get you part of the way:

$ mosquitto_sub -p 12183 -t hermes/asr/textCaptured | jq -r .text

Note that Rhasspy’s internal MQTT server runs on port 12183 by default.

Possibly, but it will take some work. Rhasspy has a dialogue manager built in that tracks “sessions” over time, where each dialogue turn involves prompting the user with TTS and then waiting for an intent back.

The TTS prompts and handling of the intents is all done externally via an MQTT service that you write. As long as you keep sending hemes/dialogueManager/continueSession messages, the “story” will continue.

Hope this helps, and good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply , may I ask other than reading the doc , is there any other resources I can learn more about rhasspy and learn how to use them ?

I would suggest browsing this forum. Quite a few questions get asked and are answered here, so there is a good chance that you will find quite a bit of information here. I don’t think that there is another “complete” guide out there, but if you want to know about something in particular or you are struggling setting something up, ask the search function here and you might just find what you are needing.


I am planning to create one and add it to the wiki on github