As its says "Is this the Best Pi4 Case?"

They do a neo but apart from price the finished form factor of the one having everything on the back is just so good.

I have one, pretty decent quality, you have to enable a pin out with a simple script to use the power button

Just swapping the I/O to all on the back is a big plus. Looks cool for maybe those who partner with a Jabra.

$25 shame but hey.

You can still access the header as well, the lid is magnetic with a decent strength

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Yeah I have one of those ‘armour’ case with my usual 12vDC fan on 5v so its quiet.
The gpio has always bugged me as its so tight I still have a header there that will stay until I disassemble and its always open prone to be shorted and just doesn’t look that good.
Its $10 for an armour case $5 when you pay P&P for your fan so even if $25 its prob well worth it.

Best Pi case ever and you actually get a functioning power button :slight_smile: