Are there Beta updates?

I noticed the release notes for 2.5.7 in GitHub, but the latest tag is still 2.5.6. I’m somewhat new to docker and git. Is there a way to pull the 2.5.7 release or do I need to wait for the “latest” tag to be updated?

Anyone? “docker pull rhasspy/rhasspy” still pulls 2.5.6. I tried “docker pull rhasspy/rhasspy:2.5.7” but that didn’t work.

I’m kind of stuck waiting for the site id fixes… which are taunting me since I can see them sitting in GitHub :laughing:

Sorry, there’s been a bit of a delay getting 2.5.7 into Docker (and into Debian packages). I was hoping to include the Rhasspy project’s new text to speech system Larynx in 2.5.7, but as usual the ARM-based builds (Raspberry Pi) are fighting me :confused:

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No need to be sorry. Thank you for sharing your work.
I’m just excited to get things back up and running after Snips pulled the rug out from under everyone. I’ve got 5 satellites and my intent scrips use the site id pretty heavily.
I also wanted to just make sure I wasn’t missing something on how to update with docker.

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