Architecture Question - New User

I’m just starting to play with Rhasspy, and I wanted to make sure that what I’m thinking is possible before I go to far down the rabbit hole. I’ve read several of the new users guides, but none of them quite capture what I’m thinking, but appologies if I’ve missed the answer to this somewhere or more likely not understood what I read.

I am currently running HomeAssistant OS as a virtual machine on my Synology NAS. I want to add private voice control and its clear Rhasspy is the best option out there. The architecture I was thinking of, was to run Rhasspy on a raspberry pi4 as the base station, and then satalites on pi zeros (if I can ever buy one). I wanted the base station to act as a listening device as well as the satalites, passing the intent handeling to Home Assistant. The guides suggest running Rhasspy base on the Home Assistant host, but I would prefer not to as I already run a lot of other Docker / VMs there and would prefer to keep the load off the NAS. So is it possible to use a Pi4 as a “listening” base station, or do I need to make it a satalite and run the base on HAOS?

Thanks for any assistance!

Hi @RMD67UK, you can run a Rhasspy base on the Pi 4 and just have it reach out to your Home Assistant on the NAS. Should be no problem :slight_smile: