/api/listen-for-command ... OK, but to quick


I’m using “/api/listen-for-command” from HA, and the rhasspy respond correctly with the 1st ‘ding’, telling me that it wakes up and wait for a command to be said.

But the 2nd ‘ding’ occurs too quickly, and I have no time to pronounce any command …

How to increase this delay ?

(I guess I saw it somewhere, can’t find it again)

Thanks for help

I recommend: https://rhasspy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/command-listener/

Edit your profile.json, preferably directly in the file and not using rhasspy web interface. I have entered the following values:

    "command": {
        "webrtcvad": {
            "min_sec": 4,
            "silence_sec": 0.7,
            "timeout_sec": 6
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That’s it !
Thanks, working perfectly as expected