Anyone else enjoying the new AT&T Internet commercial with 'smooth jazz easy listening playlist'?

They just started playing it a few days ago, and of course I personally find it hilarious.

I love his second attempt to get his command recognized, with his excessive articulation and extremely expressive facial expressions :smiley: So now I know how I must look like sometimes :wink:


You just haven’t seen me debugging my wake word at 1 am. I was walking around my flat and yelling Porcupine!! Porcupine!! Snowboy! Porcupine!!
My neighbors definitely think I’m a weirdo


This is SO cool !!!
Perhaps the millions of non-technical Public will actually realise that this new ‘magical’ world is not the perfect place it is all hyped up to be !
One day, deserved recognition will come to people like synesthesiam; who, through his, and others, hard work, can continue the fight for personal PRIVACY !!!
In my opinion, this is the single most precious thing that we, the people have left, in this vicious world.
Thank you synesthesiam ! and all you others that make Rhasspy, and its’ principles possible.


After switching my HA server instance of Rhasspy from pocketsphinx to Kaldi this morning, I no longer have to speak anything like the guy in the commercial. :wink:

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