[Announce] node-red-contrib-voice2json (beta)

As i already announced over on the node-red forum last week the nodes me and Bart another developer have been working on to integrate voice2json nicely into node-red for very low code, modular, quick and visual bootstrapping of voice command pipelines are now ready and stable enough to be tried.
They enable you to once everything is installed do everything visually from within node-red.
You can find all the info about how to use them and which features they offer in the documentation in our repository.
So i would be very happy if some of you guys could give them a spin and open issues for any bugs you find or ways the documentation could be made clearer. You can also of course just comment here and i’ll try and get back to you.
Here are some quick impressions of what to expect:

Let me know what you think, Johannes


Just a headsup:
New minor version now also includes the transcribe stream functionality as a node to start transcription already while recording.


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