2.5.11 default audio device behavior change?

I’m using 2.5.10 on one of my devices, but I recently ran into unexpected behavior setting up 2.5.11 that took me a while to figure out. On 2.5.10, I didn’t have to select any device in order for aplay to output audio to the default device. But with 2.5.11, I was getting no audio this way despite the fact that aplay was working just fine from the command line without specifying a device. What ended up fixing it was actually selecting one of the default devices from the drop-down in the settings. I had to do this for both the output and input. Anyway, this is pretty confusing and I wondered, is this intentional and could maybe benefit from better documentation, or unintentional and a bug?

This looks just like the problem I had between the docker and the way I run the deb.
Pulse audio doesn’t start until you are logged in. This is a security thing according to many pulse audio threads.
So if rhasspy is trying to access the sound device and pulse is not running you get this behaviour.
There is some stuff in the example directory on the git maybe that will give you a hand.
I worked around it a different way and once I got a working solution I left it at that.
So I can’t really give you much more in depth help. Sorry.
Do a search here this sort of problem seems to be mentioned a lot.
Maybe people are tired of answering the same questions.

Always the first place to check is by testing the sound input and selecting the device that says working*

Yes, I believe I saw your thread, but because I’m not using PulseAudio I thought they were sufficiently different. Plus, everything seems to be working fine, I just didn’t know if this was intended behavior.