100% CPU and unable to access web page after altering MQTT to external

Today I was messing around with NodeRed in order to see a debug output of Rhasspy. I was not having much luck and foolishly changed MQTT to be external. Ever since then I have not been able to run the docker container without my CPU spiking to 100% and being unable to connect on the 12101 port either locally or from another machine.

I also noticed throughout setting up Rhasspy that the profile was not saving to the specified directory. The only method to keep the profile configured when removing/upgrading/upgrading the container was to export the profile and manually create the directory as specified in the -v “$Home/.config/rhasspy/profiles:/profiles” command.

Changing the -v path fixes the issue but removes all saved settings (as would be expected). When copying the profiles.json to the new directory the CPU spikes again the web interface again is no longer able to be connected to.

My profile.json did not have any references to “MQTT”. I added a “mqtt” {enabled: } section with values of “false”, false, and “” none of which solve the issue. I am wondering where to go from here or if I need to redo many hours of configuration again.