Preview of 2.5.11

You’re welcome!

Did you pull the specific 2.5.11 version? I haven’t updated latest yet. Hopefully I didn’t mess something up. Either way, I’ll be pushing a new update in the next few days.

No, but I’m working on this today. There will be a total of 50 voices for Larynx now, thanks to volunteers :slight_smile:

Hi @synesthesiam

I actually have the same problem as @Enc3ph4l0n with my raspberry pi 4 (64bit). I will not enable the “unknown” functionality right now.

The problem I am facing, is that rhasspy sometimes wakes up and turn on/off the light, when I am watching TV.

For the wakeup, I am still trying to adjust snowboy settings; However, for the intent recognization, can you explain how to create a separate “catch all” intent?

With the new unknown words functionality, the “catch all” intent is effectively the “not recognized” message. In the Kaldi settings, there should be a "Replace unknown words with " checkbox that you can enable. There are a few other settings to tweak, the unknown words probability and max unknown words (max length of the “unknown” sentence).

When will the new update talked about in the august 20th post be available?
And when will the next “official” release be available, if it is only a preview released next time?

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Hi @WallyDW, I’ve released 2.5.11 via Docker and on Github. I haven’t made a post about it just yet, since I’m behind on some other stuff.

I will soon :+1:


Quite OK. I know how real life can interfere with the important stuff.

It just sounded like the next release was around the corner. Guess, I have to round around corners some more. :slight_smile:

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If you pull rhasspy/rhasspy via Docker or grab the latest Debian packages, it should all be there :slight_smile:

Thanks alot.
I will take a look at it tomorrow.
Its a bit late here now :slight_smile:

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I am playing around with the new version and slowly moving forward.
I will post my experiences here when I feel something is important.
For now I have discovered the following.

Something required, but I am using Debian Bullseye and the I had was a version 7.
I just made a symlink with “ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/”, which seems to have solved it.

On the configuration on Mozilla DeepSpeech there are two fields for satellite siteids. They seem to be connected, since changing one updates the other.

hmm, it seems that the siteid on the first page does not work.
I put in bedroom in the field on my central server and then tries to make it speak on the bedroom satellite, but the MQTT message state the siteid is central and not bedroom, so nothing comes out.

Multiple audio streams for Precise/Porcupine/Snowboy/Pocketsphinx wake word service (thanks Romkabouter)

I assume we still need multiple UDP ports for each satellite device? In Home Assistant I have the Rhasspy Addon, 2.5.11, but seems like one can only configure one UDP port 12333. How can I map several ports to the underlying container?

  • Wake word systems can receive raw UDP audio from multiple sites, and forward it to MQTT (see wake…udp_site_info)

Can you share an example with multiple Site IDs? Seems like the UI doesn’t support this config.