Error and microphone problems

That actually did the trick removing the area’s thanks! Now I can turn them on separately. :slight_smile:

I am not sure what you mean with the “toggle” remark. If say turn on it goes on and if I say turn off it goes off. Can you explain?

So grateful for both your help right now it can tell me the time, turn on/off bulbs+switches, set timer. Next project give me the date and the weather. I also need to find the best wake word option. Currently using raven because the porcupine gives me a lot of false positives.


  • say “turn on the light” (ok, say the correct Dutch words)
  • say “turn on the light” again
  • say “turn off the light”
  • say “turn on the light” again

Every time you say to Turn on, it is just flipping the switch (toggling) without checking whether it is currently on or off.

Fortunately you are already sending the on or off in the {state} slot, so it is a matter of setting the “service” to “turn_on” or “turn_off” depending on … ah, I just realised you also have to translate the Dutch words to English “on” and “off” ??

So maybe substituting on and off in sentences.ini, and in node-RED a template similar to mine above. Or if you prefer programming you can do it in a Function node … or, well, there is always more than one way.