Building a simple timer

I’m wondering if it’s possible to build a simple timer, something along the lines of ‘Rhasspy, set a 5 min timer’ followed (or not) by ‘Rhasspy, start timer’.

I can’t wrap my head around how to do this without creating a slot with hard coded timer values, which is pretty usless if I need a 44 sec timer…

Rhasspy has number ranges:

Check the Number Ranges section :slight_smile:

See this video: Rhasspy In Depth - Sentences - YouTube

Son of a…

Hmmm not to see how I might handle mins and secs.

(minutes | seconds){timeframe}

Hi guys,
do you solve how to manage that?

I’ve added the timer intent in .ini on Rhasspy and also create the correspondent intent_script on Home Assistant.

My questione is how to let Rhasspy speak the allert “timer finished”.
I guess the job is done on Home Assistant, as it catch the Rhasspy intent and then start the timer…but how to send the reply back to Rhasspy one the time passed?
Could you help?

Thanks a lot!

What else are you using Rhasspy with ? Home Assistant ? node-RED ? MQTT ?
Rhasspy is just doing the voice input and output, so you will need to be doing the actual timing in another application.

As for sending the reply to rhasspy; I have seen other posts re getting Rhasspy TTS (Text to Speech) to speak a reply; including Announcing to multiple satelites using MQTT (where I use MQTT topic “hermes/audioServer/{{payload}}/playBytes/12340”).

You can also try searching for keywords “Tts” and “Say” Take a look at this repo. It might be a little buggy, but it works.